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A wardrobe is not just furniture, it's a functional solution for storing clothes and things. It helps you organize your space and save space in the room. Our company offers wardrobes that combine quality, functionality, and stylish design. You can choose the size, materials, color, and finish to make your wardrobe the perfect interior element.

The wardrobe is convenient and practical to use, you can easily find the right thing and always know where it is. It helps maintain order and cleanliness in the room, creating a cozy and functional atmosphere. We care about our wardrobes being not only practical but also stylish.

Our range includes various models that will allow you to choose the perfect option for you. We offer not only standard sizes but also custom-made wardrobes to your individual dimensions. When choosing a wardrobe, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the materials so that your furniture is durable and functional for many years.

Our company guarantees the quality and reliability of our products. We only work with verified suppliers and use only high-quality materials. In our range, you will find a wardrobe that will become a convenient and beautiful element of the interior, as well as serve you faithfully for many years.

Wardrobe-coupe ViVakitchen

System NOVA is a minimalism in modern doors, emphasizing asceticism, simplicity and functionality. NOVA is a narrow-frame system of a new generation. An inconspicuous thin profile with a visible part of 5 mm makes it possible to make concise facades without unnecessary details.

The main advantages of the Aristo NOVA narrow profile:

The Aristo Nova profile system is used in:

It is also possible to install a handle in the middle frame, and it becomes a part of it and is practically invisible.

Wardrobe-coupe ViVakitchen Wardrobe-coupe ViVakitchen

NOVA system profiles:

Wardrobe-coupe ViVakitchen Wardrobe-coupe ViVakitchen Wardrobe-coupe ViVakitchen

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