Chest of drawers. The top panel is made of tempered glass. Designed in a modern style, its facade is made of MDF in a white finish with a voluminous "capitone" effect. Other finishes are available for custom ordering (black, beige, champagne).

  • SKU: 330K545Y2
  • Dimensions: H334 W549 L549
  • Materials: MDF enamel, DSP enamel, HDF enamel, glass
  • Fittings: BLUM LegraBOX M

TV stand. Designed in a modern style, its facade is made of MDF in white finish with a volumetric effect of "capitone". It is possible to order the product in other finishing options (black, beige, champagne).

  • SKU: 1535K330YA4
  • Dimensions: H499 B520 L1544
  • Material: MDF enamel, LDFP enamel, HDF enamel, glass
  • Hardware: BLUM LegraBOX M

Journal table. The upper tabletop is made of tempered glass. Designed in a modern style, its facade is made of MDF in white finish with a three-dimensional effect "capitonne". Ordering the product in other finishes is available (black, beige, champagne).

  • Article number: 1040K165
  • Dimensions: H169 B1044 L1044
  • Material: MDF enamel, DSP Enamel, MFP enamel, glass
  • Fittings: -

Create a cozy and stylish interior in your home with modern furniture solutions from our company. In this section, we present cabinets and coffee tables that are distinguished not only by high quality, but also by original design.

A cabinet with a tempered glass top and a voluminous "capitone" effect is the perfect solution for creating a modern interior in your living room or bedroom. This furniture has convenient swinging doors and/or drawers that allow you to effectively use space in your home. The combination of elegant glass and voluminous capitone creates an elegant and modern appearance that is sure to attract the attention of guests.

The TV cabinet is also made in a modern style with a voluminous "capitone" effect. This furniture unit is the perfect combination of functionality and design. You will be able to store various items in its drawers, as well as easily place your TV or other electronics on the top surface.

A coffee table is not only a practical, but also a stylish element of your home decor. The tempered glass top and voluminous capitone create a unique and original design. You can store magazines and books in its drawers, as well as decorate it with fresh flowers or decorative elements.

All of our cabinets and coffee tables are made of high quality materials and to individual sizes, allowing them to fit perfectly into your interior. You can choose furniture in a matte or glossy finish, and also decorate it with brass strips of various widths or mirror inserts. Create a unique and distinctive interior in your home with our furniture!

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