Table 1, dimensions: 900*900, 900*1600
Table 2, dimensions: 1100*1100, 1100*1800
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MIRELLA is a kitchen under the ViVakitchen brand designed for sophisticated people with good taste. Functional and elegant, concise and high-tech, this kitchen set naturally showcases the environment in a modern style. The materials used, decorative components and facades have made it possible to re-decorate furniture and free up your imagination when creating a workspace for cooking and dining. Upon request, the kitchen set can be equipped with an original designer dining table.


MIRELLA kitchen is an exceptional offer for those who aspire to create an elegant and modern kitchen interior. It reflects richness and gracefulness that are combined with functionality and convenience. This kitchen from ViVakitchen brand is created for respectable people with good taste and understanding of aesthetics.

The functional and exquisite MIRELLA kitchen unit is the perfect solution for a modern interior. The combination of concise design, high-tech finishing, and clean lines make it a natural centerpiece of the kitchen area.

Applied materials, decorative elements, and facades enable decorating the furniture and creating a unique atmosphere in your kitchen. You can unleash your imagination and create an interior that reflects your individuality and style.

The original designer dining table is a perfect addition to your MIRELLA kitchen. The combination of exquisite style and functionality will give your kitchen a complete look. You can choose a dining table that perfectly fits your interior and impresses all guests.

All together, the MIRELLA kitchen is a perfect choice for those who want to create an elegant and modern kitchen interior with rich details. MIRELLA kitchen is a designer kitchen that stands out with its functionality, style, and individuality. It will allow you to enjoy cooking and socializing in the atmosphere of exquisite interior created especially for you.

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