Table 1, dimensions: 900*900, 900*1600
Table 2, dimensions: 1100*1100, 1100*1800
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MIRELLA is a kitchen from the ViVakitchen brand for respectable people with good taste. Functional and elegant, concise and high-tech, this kitchen set naturally exhibits the environment in a modern style. The materials used, decorative components, and facades make it possible to decorate furniture in a new way, freeing your imagination about creating the atmosphere of a working space for cooking and eating. Upon the customer's request, the kitchen set can be equipped with an original designer dining table.


The MIRELLA kitchen from ViVakitchen is the perfect choice for those looking for a modern-style kitchen set. This kitchen is functional, elegant, and high-tech, perfectly complementing modern interiors. It will be a wonderful addition to any home, bringing a fresh perspective to the creation of a workspace for cooking and dining.

The materials, decorative components, and facades used have made it possible to decorate furniture in a new way, freeing your imagination in creating a kitchen environment. MIRELLA is the harmony in the creation of a kitchen set, taking into account all the details and transforming any space.

Only the best materials are used in the design of the MIRELLA kitchen to create a high-quality product. The kitchen facades are covered with a special lacquer that protects them from moisture and damage. Decorative components, such as handles and hinges, are made in a modern style, adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen design.

An original designer dining table can be included with the MIRELLA kitchen set, allowing for an even more exquisite kitchen interior. It will become the center of attraction for family and guests, an ideal place for cozy family breakfasts and lunches.

The MIRELLA kitchen is a guarantee of high quality, functionality, and style. It is designed for those who appreciate beauty and practicality in interior design. The MIRELLA kitchen is a pleasure that will delight you every day.

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