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March 2023
Galerie Revel showcases an original table crafted from durable and long-lasting lava stone. This exclusive furniture piece can be a wonderful addition to any interior.

Matang Studio has created a series of dining tables for the renowned French design gallery Revel. The main advantage of these pieces is the use of volcanic stone for the tabletops. This stone was extracted from a volcano in France and coated with enamel to create a smooth glossy surface. The intricate texture of the tabletops contrasts with the base made of cedar, which has been treated at high temperatures.

Designers have also added a vibrant accent in the form of hand-dyed cotton rope, colored with madder root. The table series is named Lava and fully accomplishes the task of showcasing the potential of using natural elements in design. This concept includes the use of natural materials, shades, and forms found in nature.

Matang's tables are not only functional but also highly decorative. Thanks to the combination of natural elements, designers have created furniture pieces that will adorn any interior. Lava is part of a series of creative experiments with a natural theme from Matang Studio, confirming the designers' commitment to always stay innovative and create something new and special.

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